Wednesday 18th April

09.30 - 10.30

Pilates with Tom Woods

College Grounds or LH002

Start the day with outdoor pilates.


10.00 - 11.00,

11.15 - 12.15, 12.30 - 13.30

Learn Swordplay with British Fencing



This workshop will give you the chance to learn the basics of swordplay from a British Fencing coach. In this fun session, you will receive the full kit and instruction to enable you to engage in a sword fight, attacking and defending, parries and ripostes and in no time at all you can be like The Count of Monte Cristo!


10.00 - 21.00

A Series of Sound Installations

by Rachel Goldberg

For details see Monday’s programme.


10.30 - 13.00 & 14.00 - 17.00

Careers Fair

Matt Bunday


Fitting in with the ‘Journeys Across Borders’ theme for the 2019 Symposium, this year’s ‘Employers’ Day’ will focus upon how students can traverse the many difficult contemporary issues that are currently influencing the theatre and live events industry.

With key issues like event security, Brexit, political and economic uncertainty, and the increase in the ‘gig economy’, it is vital that we equip our students to be robust, proactive, and understanding of the key issues that affect them.

The panel of employers, and the two keynote speakers in the morning aim to address these issues, with the afternoon an employers’ fair.


10.30 - 11.30

Untitled 1

by G.Arnason


The Barn

Have you ever been lost?

Then been found when you least expect it?

Blindly following orders in a system?

Should we follow or become leaders in it?

Does the system need changing or should you change to fit in?

New writing by G.Árnason devised by Fox Pup Collective and Two Worlds Collective. An experimental piece that explores identity though puppetry and movement.


10:30 - 11:30

ZU-UK Game making session

for artists and non-artists

by JL Ramos and PJ Maravala



Games offer a metaphorical journey in which players need to engage and be generous. ZU-UK explore what the arts can learn from game-making. In an interactive and immersive session where all participants make new games, you will explore how the language of gaming can help us mediate arts conversations, where participants can come from anywhere and the inclusivity of the experience is total. In a climate of ever-shrinking spaces to meet new people, do games offer a new public space and the platform to mediate between strangers to build a temporary community?

*This session will be followed by a later session of games with Canadian partners TAG (Technoculture Arts and Games) in Montréal.


10.45 - 11.45

Coming to the Water

by Tatenda Naomi Matsvai


Studio 2

Coming to the Water is an intimate exploration of identity in the global generation, where borders have faded as communities of all different ethnicities meet here in London. Tatenda explores her ‘personhood’ trying to create an image of herself through spoken word, movement and traditional Zimbabwean music. She asks what it means to be a black woman, a first generation immigrant and daughter in today’s world.


11.00 - 12.00

Penny Arcade

by Grace Binford & Harvey Badger


Studio 1

Dream: noun. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Two estranged siblings, a tenacious record producer, a hesitant private detective, and a writer on the verge of success. When strangers’ paths cross,the smallest thing can have the biggest effect. As past and future begin to blur, so does the line between dreams and reality, making us question why we do the things we do.

In this new piece of music theatre by Grace Binford and Harvey Badger (of indie folk-pop duo Papermoon & the Broken Strings), performed by an intimate cast of actor-musicians, we ask, “Why do we pretend the circle has an end?”


11.00 - 16.00

Sustainable Knots

Installation by Sebastian Omar Basterrechea

Ice House - by the lake

For details see

Monday’s programme.


11.00 - 18.00

Bruford Busks

Rose Theatre Balcony

For details see

Monday’s programme.


11.00 - 18.00

Making Sense of Mayhem

by Michael O’Reilly



For details see

Monday’s programme.


11.00 - 18.00

L’Art Out

Group Exhibition

LH003 – Life Drawing Room

For details see

Monday’s programme.


11.00 - 18.00

City of Angels - The Technical Story

by Daniel St Clair-Smith


Lighting Lab Corridor

For details see

Monday’s programme.


11.00 - 18.00

Womb with a View


Tree by the Lake

For details see

Monday’s programme.


12.00 - 19.00

ZU-UK Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Performance ‘demo’


For details see

Monday’s programme.


12.00 - 18.00

Rape of a Pig;

Butchering of a Woman



Leviticus 11:27 “Of their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch; they are unclean to you.”

The meeting place for the individual and collective is the site of the public and private spheres of everyday life.

Exploring feminist activism and live performance art, as a composition to evolve our bodies as sites for transgressing constraints of meaning or normality within the social grounds we live in.

This is an interactive/immersive visual art piece. Feel the pain we feel. It will be six hours long. Take time and absorb what is given.


12.00 - 13.00



The Cabin

Two performers exploring objects, their bodies and sound to discover the paradoxes that exist in relationships. Building a world where the body and mind divide becomes realised. What separates us from ourselves and each other?


12.00 - 18.00

FemSoc (RBC Feminist Society)

Various Events


Come hang out with the

Feminist Society!

Morning: Consent workshop on everything from sexual consent to consent on stage and intimacy in rehearsals with Houselights.

Afternoon: A panel of women in the industry, consisting of Rose Bruford College staff and alumni, from both the School of Performance and the School of DMTA, will answer your questions and discuss what it is like being a woman in the industry.


12.30 - 14.30 & 16.00 - 17.00

Exploring the Perceptual

Effects of Audio Cues in Stereoscopic 3D Cinema

by Christos Manolas &

Sandra Pauletto


Rose Theatre Foyer

For details see

Monday’s programme.


12.45 - 13.45

Wakeford & Cole


The Barn

Expect 50 minutes of absurdity, self-deprecation and passable smut brought to Symposium 2019 by Matthew Wakeford and Lawrence Cole in their debut self-titled comedy sketch show. There are five other ‘equally talented’ actors involved in the writing and performance but they’re not really as important as Matt and Lawrence as it was their idea in the first place to do a sketch show and no one can take that away from them no matter how funny or integrated into the production process they are.


13.00 - 13.45

Gareth Fry


Talk and Demonstration

45 minutes

The dramatic possibilities of binaural and ambisonic sound, looking at its use in theatre, for example in Complicité’s The Encounter, for podcasts and radio drama, and increasingly in Virtual Reality

Gareth Fry is a multi-Tony & multi-Olivier award winning designer, best known for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Encounter, V&A’s David Bowie Is exhibition, and soundscape design for the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. He has also written Sound Design for the Stage.


13.00, 14.30, 18.00, 19.30

ZU-UK - Binaural Dinner Date


Bru Bar

Binaural Dinner Date is an interactive experience between two strangers inviting them to have a date together. Using binaural technology and live performance, participants undertake tasks and are asked increasingly probing questions, pushing social expectations about ‘acceptable’ dinner conversation. Binaural Dinner Date has been successfully performed in partnership with Theatre Royal Stratford East in 2017, Rich Mix Shoreditch this year and is currently on tour around UK.

“Loads of fun” Lyn Gardner / Time Out (4 stars).

13.15 - 14.15



Studio 1

asceticism*/əˈsɛtɪsɪz(ə)m/ noun

1. Severe self-discipline and avoiding of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

*Contains strong language and violence.


13.30 - 15.30

The Children’s Hour

by Lillian Hellman

Director: Steven Dykes


Sidcup Manor

For details see Monday’s programme.


14.00 - 17.00

#ZUTAG Games Room

JL Ramos and PJ Maravala with contributors from Montréal, Canada



A drop-in space where you will have an opportunity to play experimental games and find out more about the collaboration between TAG Montréal and ZU-UK exploring the intersection between theatre and games.

Includes a guest workshop by Coney's Artistic Director: Tassos Stevens

Workshop 90min.

In teams, compete against each other to make the best decision for you, your family, your community and your world. You are invited by Coney to play an

entertaining decision-making game, with chocolates to be won.

This activity requires at least 12 participants. Make sure you sign up in the games room.


14.15 - 15.15

My Uncomfortable Wardrobe

by Natasha Dodsworth

and Hansjorg Schmidt

Studio 2

‘My Uncomfortable Wardrobe’, is a one-woman show based on the day-to-day wearing of clothes and the impracticalities and pressures we put on our bodies with garments at certain events we experience in our everyday lives. One of the fundamental questions to explore is what is the imprint from our clothes on our bodies at the end of the day and how does this affect how we feel about ourselves?

The show has a comical element to it and it is supposed to make you question your clothes choices and look at how you dress. Are we all guilty of wearing that impractical garment and can we look back at it and laugh at ourselves as well as questioning the choice in the first place? Is it more important to look right than have practicality and comfort?

Are you brave enough to tell me about your own ‘Uncomfortable Wardrobe’?


14.45 - 15.45



College Grounds

Ahoy me hearties! Are you ready to hop aboard our trolley and give your mind the maritime vacation it deserves? With help from a trusty crew, and whatever else we can find on deck, we’re leading you on a journey into the vast ocean of self-discovery - steering your imagination through worlds which you never thought could’ve existed... until now! Brought to you by a small ensemble of multidisciplinary performers, this cross-examination of Nature vs Nurture delves into how our genetically determined traits and abilities relate to the environment, upbringing and experiences which stimulate our daily and extra-daily behaviours. Hold on tight whilst we drift through distorted fragments of dreamlike internal conflicts, solving this madness of a jigsaw with just enough time to anchor back into the harbour of reality upon reaching the other side of this mystical voyage. Climb aboard the ship and prepare to get ‘Off Ya Trolley’!

15.45 - 16.45

Sam and Joe

by Christian Powlesland

Work in progress by level 4 & 5 Actor Musicianship students

Rose Theatre

Two children meet in a park.

They meet again ten years later.

Sam remembers. Joe doesn’t.

This simple story explores the quintessential theme of belonging in a world that, to some, often feels inaccessible. With a company of 13 actor-musicians, the roles of Sam and Joe are shared equally. Actively challenging the ‘social norm’ of gender-based casting, this show hopes to deliver a truly ‘genderless’ performance. It allows the audience to bypass any preconceptions or bias towards gender in theatre and connect directly with a very human need. Acceptance.


16.00 - 17.00

Punk Rock

by Simon Stephens


The Barn

‘Punk Rock’ by Simon Stephens

is a modern classic.

Set in a grammar school in Addlestone, students prepare for their mock exams. However as pressure sets in, will the arrival of a new girl be the catalyst that sets this melting pot ablaze?

The play is as poignant as it has ever been, with the pressures of the future, growing up, forming relationships,

and dealing with mental health.

This production uses a cast of Foundation Course Actors to help give them a kick start into their time on BA (Hons) degrees. Studying Simon Stephens, the art of naturalism, listening and responding are focused on heavily in first-year degree training, and we believe these actors will be well equipped with understanding the nature of storytelling and playfulness.


17.45 - 18.45

No Words

by Preslie Grace


Studio 1

In a world where mental health is still seen as a taboo subject, should we really objectify when people need to discuss their traumas? When night turns to day and day turns to night, how often do we let colours take flight? No longer should we hide from the bulging and sinking but to breathe and show others that this vulnerability, this strength is something we can talk about.


18.30 - 20.00

The Children’s Hour

by Lillian Hellman

Director: Steven Dykes


Sidcup Manor

For details see Monday’s programme.


19.00 - 20.00

Coming Home

by Tom Royall & Laurie McNamara


The Barn

“July 2018. A dry heat has fallen over the UK for the last month, and pubs up and down the country have seen record intakes of revenue as England have progressed to the semi-finals of the World Cup. The excitement hangs in the air like a bubble in the wind.”

It’s Semi Final Day - And while things have been bleak recently for five friends who gather to watch it, this gives them hope. Follow them through this journey of expectation, responsibility, nihilism, and coming to terms with reality.

Could football really be Coming Home?


19.30 - 22.30

Symposium Closing Party

Courtyard Rehearsal Rooms

& College Grounds

The Symposium team invite

you to the biggest birthday

party of the year. Join us for

an inclusive celebration of

the ETA course’s 20th birthday!

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